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Smogvent - oczyszczacz powietrza ze smogu - Smogvent

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Smog- what is it?

The atmospheric phenomena as fog could describe the similarity to smog the best. It is caused by the accumulation of harmful chemicals (gases and suspended dust in the air) which are negative effects of burning energetic fuels. During the heating season in Poland, the acceptable concentration of air pollutants is exceeded over twenty times, and that has bad influence on people health. A humans body gets the contact with toxic substances through the lungs while breathing, then they reach the bloodstream, and at the end to every single organ of the body.


Quiet killer!

In Poland almost 40.000 people die from diseases caused by the smog every year! To describe it better let’s imagine that small town like Cieszyn (Silesian Voivodship) or Wołomin (Masovian Voivodship) is disappearing annually from the map of Poland.


We eat, we drink… We breathe!

Every single day we deliver a different substances into our organism- by eating, by drinking and… by breathing. Do you care about your food and drinks quality? It is common that the nourishment is not inert for us. Furthermore, you choose your groceries by their quality as valence and none chemical additives. Do you care about the air that you breathe as much as your nutritional products? The average of consumed food per day is about 1kg, whereas the amount of the air delivered to humans organism reaches about 30kg!


East or West, home’s best?

We spend about 80% of our time in closed rooms! These rooms are places that we work in, spend time with our loved ones and we relax. Even if we think they are safe for us, the maladjusted rooms will not protect us from the lethal smog. During the heating season the amount of air pollution also in our “safe” rooms is exceeded very often.


Are you smoker?

The concentration of toxic substances in the air in some Polish cities is equal to smoke about 2.000 cigarettes every year!


Ventom- for customers’ needs

In response to customers’ needs and their healthcare, Ventom with association of AGH- University of Science and Technology in Cracow has introduced the new product to take care of you, your loved ones and your workers from the negative effects of smog A professional filtering system closed in a small, easy to build and inexpensive device will provide you a clean air in your housing or business area.

An advantages of the device:

  • easy to build
  • simple and fast to assemble
  • quiet
  • adjustable length of the device
  • low usage costs
  • low investment costs

Wherever you are!

Smogvent will ensure you the best quality of the air everywhere. An universal type of the device will be the best choice in an office, production hall, laboratory, hospital but also in housing - wherever the quality of air has got the high priority for you. In addition to dust air reduction, Smogvent reduces a noise from the outside of the building. It is caused by acoustic isolation.

Is it time now for Smogvent?

Are you getting tired or you got a headache during the heating season? Do you cough more often or asthma symptoms has increased? Does your throat got infected more often? Are you surprised with allergic reactions not related to cold Seasons? Does your condition is getting weaker? That is the sign to start getting care of the quality of air in your area!

Protection throughout the whole year!

Smogvent will ensure you the protection from smog during the heating season, and even during the warm Seasons where allergies are vexing for you!

We did everything to take care of your health. Taking care about others is in your hands!

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